State Business Confidence Index Hits 25-Year High

Business Confidence Index for quarter 3 was written about in an article by the Spokane Journal of Business. Article written by LeAnn Bjerken. Published: 12/17/15. The Business Confidence Index, which began in 1991, is a critical economic forecasting index on the Washington State Economy. It is produced every quarter. The index is based on a panel of 200 CEO’s and CFO’s representing the companies within the State of Washington.

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Seattle Times Op Ed – 11/6/15

By: Jim Hebert – Senior Research Director

This is a time of crisis in three of our once great institutions:  Media, Judicial, and Political.  The signs are all there.  Henry David Thoreau once wrote “Once an ideal is institutionalized it is destined for failure.”  Thoreau’s message is not only prophetic but gives a warning about the conditions in which it would occur.   In response to the October 2015 response to the CNN Presidential debate in which the moderator’s questions were intended to be personal, displaying, irrelevant to the issues, and cause a diversionary conflict, the GOP announced that they have canceled the next 2016 debates.

The millennials no longer use the electronic media and print media as a source of news.  Our research clearly shows it is a lack of creditability, over use of sound bites, biased, and the list goes on and on.  Social media without journalistic oversight and minimal enforcement against egregious activities and information has become the new media even when the US Constitution in the First Amendment never envisioned to be destructive, demeaning, disparaging of the individual whether it was true or not.  The new media without judicial review and decisions to set parameters is running uncontrolled.

Without justice there is no law and without law there is likewise no justice.

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Science Begins with Questions – 11/5/15

By: Jim Hebert – Senior Research Director

“You have not because you ask not.”  Discovering solutions for businesses or start up organizations begins with asking the right questions.  It is not how much we know, but discovering what is not known or, in fact, what are the correct answers.  There is much more that is a part of policies whether published or private based on assumptions, dogma, or credentials of experts who convincingly say they know, or nothing at all.  Even our legal system which was based on the preponderance of evidence is based on prejudice, discrimination, or witnesses who knowingly purge themselves and violate the statute of bearing false witness.

Answering questions through research requires investing time, as well as other precious resources.  But the cost of error is far, far more costly in terms of investments and developing the wrong strategy.

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